We offer our Program to youth organizations, schools, and universities free of charge. Your donation supports the expenses associated with the Program, including workbooks, class materials, trained instructors, and more. In addition, CLEAN organizes a variety of financial literacy awareness events throughout the year, and has dedicated staff to manage the day-to-day operations of our organization.

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CLEAN is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Please make all donations payable to: NICHOLLS  & LYNDA CLEAN INC.

Make a One-Time Donation

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  Bitcoin:  1MyoBdbEPHSHRsRe3t9BLNzPBDpFULrLcY

Bitcoin: 1MyoBdbEPHSHRsRe3t9BLNzPBDpFULrLcY

  Litecoin:  LKvnt4hRCigX4Ct6D3XfVUxUFBbVKrcXjZ

Litecoin: LKvnt4hRCigX4Ct6D3XfVUxUFBbVKrcXjZ

  Ethereum:  0x40e7feb2d404a0afb9e495a81dbbb9c63ed4ef95

Ethereum: 0x40e7feb2d404a0afb9e495a81dbbb9c63ed4ef95

  ZCash:  t1Q9ca1oBNx7kYGcAmFf7Ru7jjZM9UrX8rs

ZCash: t1Q9ca1oBNx7kYGcAmFf7Ru7jjZM9UrX8rs

  Dash:  XsNL7rCEg1kguvexnqEGyELjUMggSuWTJB

Dash: XsNL7rCEg1kguvexnqEGyELjUMggSuWTJB

  Bitcoin Cash:  12vjjY3115ruA6h1agNz1E1WY87JfMfkBe

Bitcoin Cash: 12vjjY3115ruA6h1agNz1E1WY87JfMfkBe

Class lessons and life lessons truly moved this young man who graduated from our Summer 2017 Workshop in partnership with Good Shepherds Life Link college access program.