Episode 45: Question the Recession

Hey good people this episode we decided to sit back, analyze, and Question the Recession! That’s right question the current economy and when and if the economy will rescind. Also, and how do we prepare for a recession? We looked at all the variables that can trigger a recession, including the “the blonde tweeting elephant’! Let’s pod’up people and figure this out!!! Question the Recession…let’s get it!!

Episode 44: How Low Can You Go - Get Interested

We are getting down and dirty discussing interest rates and the effect it has on us —the common folk! We bring our old friend Arlington back to help us chop it up and get our heads around what is the best move, do you move as the Federal Reserve raises and lowers interest rates. So pod’up good people and let’s get this interest rate limbo party up and popping’!! How low can you go!

Episode 43: Monetizing the Socialize

Hey family! In this episode we will be discussing how to Monetize the Socializing! Dat’s right - most of us spend way too much time on social media and I believe time is money!! So why not learn how to earn money while clicking LIKE or thumbs up!! Switch your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp notifications to DND for the next half hour and listen in as we interview beauty guru Chizi Duru, fitness guru Chanel Delisser, and comedian David Beckles Jr as they instruct us on how to Monetize the Socialize! Pod’up people and let’s hashtag get it!!


Chizi Duru, Natural Hair Influencer www.chiziduru.com

YouTube natural hair guru who is widely known for her eponymous channel's content. Chizi has garnered widespread popularity there for her 4c natural hair tutorials. Born and raised in the United States. she began her YouTube channel on May 3, 2008.

Chizi has amassed more than 370,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel. One of her most popular videos there, "Straightening 4C Natural Hair: Light Press!," has earned more than 1 million views.


Chanel DeLisser, Fitness Guru chaneldelisser.com

While Chanel DeLisser is best known in the gym for her well-defined abs and herculean pull-up routines, this beauty’s brains are equally as impressive as her physique. Chanel has a Master’s of Science degree in Occupational Therapy and currently works as a licensed Occupational Therapist. She is also a designer with her own clothing line called “CoCo Cabana.”

For almost two years, Chanel has shared her fitness journey with her social media followers and has received incredibly positive feedback. People from all around the world have been inspired by Chanel’s efforts. Upon discovering the impact she had on others, Chanel was compelled to share what she learned with her own group fitness classes — Coco’s Total Body FIT-CAMP. At her group fitness classes, Chanel teaches her keys to staying fit including training, nutrition and proper supplementation.


David Beckles Jr. www.facebook.com/DavidBecklesJr

The social media sensation is an actor and comedian.

Episode 42: If it's CLEAN, it's FREE!!!

Episode 42:  If it's CLEAN, it's FREE!!!

Hey family guess what??? iI it’s CLEAN, it’s FREE!! On this special episode in celebration of
our upcoming 8-week financial series at Brooklyn Borough Hall with Borough President, Eric Adams. We enjoyed an enlightening, inspiring round-table conversation with some of our Financially CLEAN students from past and present.

Episode 41: The Power of Financial Literacy --The 1-2 Punch

On this episode we are interviewing Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams to discuss the importance of financial literacy. President Adams is on a mission to pass legislation  to mandate that financial literacy is taught in high schools. President Adams delivers the “straight talk” on the need for financial literacy.  You don’t want to miss this episode! 

The President and Two Black Guys with Good Credit see the need to act now! We are providing FREE financially literacy workshops commencing August 13th - October 1, 2019 from 6:30pm - 8:00pm. For more information please email me at slynda@financiallyclean.com or message me on Instagram Financiallycleanshaun.

Episode: 40: Hey Ladies...Get Your Net Worth Up and Dance! Come on!

Hey Ladies get your net worth up and dance…come on! That’s right this episode we celebrate Women’s History Month we want to encourage all women to shift their focus from income to the almighty NET WORTH. Self-made millionaire and Financial Coach, Alicia Holmes is our guest is going to breakdance, eh em, breakdown how to play and win the net worth game. Pod’up good people, it’s time to shake things up and shake a leg. If building a financially secure future for you and your family for generations to come is on your playlist, it’s time to get your net worth up and dance…come on!


Ms. Holmes worked at New York University for over 20 years and eventually held the position of Director of Financial Operations. In the course of her work, she managed more than 30 million grant/institutional dollars.  Her focus for the state and university sponsored programs was the improvement of the life outcomes of young people in under-served communities.  Inspired by her wish to help others, Ms. Holmes conducted numerous seminars on financial literacy and wealth building for university students, parents, and local groups. 

Ms. Holmes was fortunate to have been coached early in life about the path to building wealth. The simple truth she learned at the outset was to move from the consumer mindset of spending to the investor mindset that starts with living below your means and ends with having your savings invested so that your money works for you. 

Ms. Holmes now spends her time teaching women of color about building wealth and financial freedom to improve the quality of life for themselves and their families.  Ms. Holmes strongly believes that the right money mindset with vital practical knowledge, and powerful intention will create financial freedom for woman and all those important to them. 

What drives her to do this work is a commitment that women have power--choice, agency, and comfort--in their financial well-being. Her company, Journey to Wealth, helps women of color achieve financial freedom and live the lives of their dreams. If you want a partner in your personal journey to wealth visit her website, wealthywomanmagic.com 

Episode 39: A Black History Month Tribute to Mr. 850

Two Black Guys with Good Credit istaking this Black History Month to pay tribute to an amazing individual who is upping the good credit game! Make that great! We crowned him Mr. 850 because he is hitting the credit score goals so many aspire to achieve —a perfect credit score. We are saluting the unsung heroes this year, black men with good credit! The Credit King is in the building too so pod’up and get in on the conversation. We’re sharing strategies, changing the narrative and putting shine on what’s possible. Jeffrey Whaley aka Mr. 850 enlightening and inspiring…Let’s get it!

Episode 38: This Buds for You

Cannibis is BIG bud business! The stocks are skyrocketing and it is now the largest cash crop in the US! Shaun and Derek, (The Credit King is back in the building!), duel it out to figure out if we should get in, not get in or quite frankly, if you’re not in, where have you been?! Keeping the conversation ‘high’-level, they are going to tackle these questions and more. You may have the munchies before the end of this episode but you will have a better understanding of whether or not ‘This Bud is for You’?

Episode 35: Maximizing the Minimum

On this episode, Maximizing the Minimum, we are going to chat about how keeping it LEAN can turn into more GREEN! Millions of people are turning to the Minimalist Lifestyle after they realized the 5-bedroom house, 2 cars in the driveway and all the STUFF might not be all its cracked up to be. Ariel Kiley is one of them. On this show Kiley shares how through her journey to cutting the fat in her life she ended up with some pretty fat pockets and whole lot more happiness and peace of mind. Pod’up good people…we’re going in!

Ariel Kiley is a New York based yoga and meditation teacher, teacher trainer, published author, and IAYT certified Yoga Therapist. Ariel has been featured on Extra!TV, CNN, NY Daily News and has worked as yoga consultant for the TV show The Affair. Ariel runs a Business of Yoga course and also specializes in Somatic Experiencing® trauma resolution. Plus she's kind of obsessed with minimalism and "financial fitness". www.ArielKiley.me

Instagram @arielkiley 

Episode 34: Credit or Your Life Featuring Anthony Davenport, the Author of YOUR SCORE

We’re talking credit or your life pod people! We are as serious as a heart attack. We are going in deep with best-selling author, Anthony Davenport of the critically acclaimed book, Your Score: An Insider’s Secrets to Understanding, Controlling, and Protecting Your Credit Score. We think a shoutout from Oprah counts as such!! Anthony uncovers they mysteries every consumer should know to fix their credit and gives it to you raw on how important it is to build, manage and protect your credit with your life. Pod up people —your life depends on it!

Author, Anthony Davenport

The financial crisis that hit in August 2007 changed the lives of millions of Americans. For Anthony Davenport, the stress and shock of the changes in the financial world were the forces that transformed his career--from being on the other side of the desk as a loan origination executive for a bank to becoming a financial literacy and consumer credit expert who has dedicated his life to helping clients solve some of their most difficult. He is the Founder of Regal Credit Management in New York City, with a second office in Los Angeles.

Episode 33: Student Loan Debt: Get Smart from the Start

We've been there!  Got the t-shirt.  It's a right of passage for most --going off to college!  The people you will meet, the experiences you won't forget and racking up tons of DEBT!!  Well, on this episode we're going tell you that story doesn't have to end that way if you play it smart from the start! For all our peeps that might be stressed about the debt they are carrying right now, those just beginning the application process, or know someone who is, we're telling you to pod'up and get your Bachelor's degree in managing minimizing, managing and paying off student loan debt!  Get Smart from the Start pod people!

Episode 32: To Partner or Not To Partner --That is the Question

Thinking of going into business in partnership with your best friend, your brother or your colleague because you get along so well, share the same interests and came up with a great idea that is going to take over the world!!  Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!  Slow down!  Although you just might have the dream team in place and feel you are destined greatness, there are some very critical questions, our guest Chris Sainsbury, one four partners in CrossFit Kinsboro and guest host Brandt Morris , think you may want to ask yourself and your potential partners before you make the leap.  You will hear the answers to these questions and more before you walk down that aisle.  They liken a business partnership to marriage...To Partner or Not To Partner --That is the question. Pod'up!  Let's get it!! 

Episode 31: Budging the Budget

It's time to Budge the Budget people!  The first step to taking control of your finances.  You can go old school with it or use the latest software but the most important this is to get started.  We brought back the Credit King, Derek Powe budgets his way through life to travel the world first class, buy homes and planning to retire nice!! The King says you've gotta know your numbers.  If you don't know where you are how can you know where you're going.  Whatever your financial goals may be...pod'up!  We're gonna get you to Budget the Budget!

Episode 30: It's TIme to Bond!!!

Bonds, Bonds, Bonds - the greatest financial secret that the world seems to never discuss. We all know James Bond, but do you know Savings Bond? While James can save you from Spectre, saving bonds can make you money and who doesn't like money! The bond market dwarfs the stock market by trillions, yes trillions, bet you didn't know that did yuh! So sit back and pod'up because "It's Time to Bond"!!!!

Episode 28: Jamal Mashburn --The Franchise King

McDonalds, Starbucks, Dominos, UPS, we've all dreamed of owning a franchise and being able to sit back and stack cash. So we drafted former NBA All-star Jamal Mashburn aka "The Franchise King", with 38 Outback Steak Houses and 32 Papa John's in his roster, to sit in and put a full court press on the world of franchising for us. Pod'up people, the Franchise King is holding court.. let's go!