Episode 12: The Cost of Eating Healthy

In the 80's we asked "where's the beef?". In the 2000's we know where the beef is, but now we ask is it grass-fed, farm raised, hormone free, organic, natural or processed and the even bigger question - what does is cost per pound???? With the cost of food outpacing the price of gasoline, we decided to invite Organic and Natural Foods Specialty Broker Laterri Hughes to our podcast to break it all down. Vegan and meat eaters alike, pod'up because TBGWGC is talking about the Cost of Food... let's go - chomp chomp!!!

LaTerri Hughes currently works as an Organic &  Natural Foods Specialty Broker in Southern California, Arizona and Hawaii - representing over 70 natural and organic brands. She has over a decade of experience in the  wellness industry and is an advocate for GMO labeling and full disclosure practices in the consumer market.

Thank you Laterri, come back again anytime!