TWO BLACK GUYS WITH GOOD CREDIT is a show about two guys from Canada living in the US for over 20 years (Arlington in Los Angeles and Shaun in Brooklyn). Both are business owners with successful track records and, of course, good credit! Each week they will bring you their ‘straight talk’ and at times humorous perspective on making, managing, and protecting your money.

TWO BLACK GUYS WITH GOOD CREDIT will educate, entertain, and inspire you to achieve YOUR financial goals.

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Shaun Lynda - Host

What can I say about myself that you will find of interest. Hmmm... let me give you the quick highlights:

  • Canadian living in Brooklyn the last 20 years
  • Worked on Wall Street for Chase Bank, Paine Webber and American Express
  • Was in the World Trade Centre during 9/11 when the first plane hit. 
  • Started my own online business, Nicnatdirect (2003 - present)
  • Bought, sold, and managed real estate for the last 15 years
  • Founded my own non-profit, financial literacy program entitled CLEAN

Now, does the above define who Shaun Lynda really is? Nah, not really. Who am I?  I am a dude that drums to his own beat, not scared to speak the truth,  leads by example, and is compelled to share his successes and, more importantly, his failures to help others succeed! I STRONGLY believe that our responsibility as human beings living on this planet is to SHARE!

I created Two Black Guys with Good Credit to provide an educational platform about finances that is also entertaining.  Our goal is to have weekly topics to help you achieve maximum success! And, hey if that does not happen, simply allow the show to make you laugh or smile because humour is just good for the soul.

Quick question – Can I drum to my own beat and not be a drummer?


Arlington Forbes - Host

I was born and raised to be an entrepreneur. Four generations of my family have been independent business owners, so the corporate route was never going to be my lane.

After Carleton University I packed my degrees into my bags and moved to New York to pursue a career in television. New York was awesome because I learned a lot and met tons of cool people. I worked for several amazing shows (Inside Edition, Extra, MTV, VH1 and CNN) before starting my own production company Exposur Productions, where I continued to direct, produce and creatively direct for various clients (Adidas, Nike etc…). Eventually I met my lovely wife (Jac) moved to California, changed careers and opened Canvas Boutique and Contemporary Art Gallery in Malibu.

Ten years and two stores later I am now podcasting with my college buddy (Shaun) and having a blast sharing my financial knowledge and life experiences, while still continuing to grow and evolve. So sit back, tune in and get ready for a great time with us on TWO BLACK GUYS WITH GOOD CREDIT.



Dionne Nicholls - 'The Lady with the Facts'


Mom. Social Entrepreneur. I took the leap from fashion to finance last year when I co-founded Financially CLEAN.  I truly enjoyed my experience working in New York's luxury women's wholesale industry, representing some of the finest collections and seeing some of the most beautiful places in the world.  By age 34, I had navigated my way up to Head of the US subsidiary for the French fashion house, SONIA RYKIEL.  After a few other fashion stints, including the launch of KLEINFELD NY bridal emporium, of Say Yes to the Dress fame, in Toronto, Canada, I realized that my desire to teach, motivate and inspire young people was getting stronger and stronger.  

So now, I am creating a financial literacy movement teaching in schools and various youth organizations and have the supporting role, as the 'Lady with the Facts,' on the podcast, TWO BLACK GUYS WITH GOOD  CREDIT. My job is to bring it to you straight with the history, stats and cold hard facts every week, but you certainly can't miss my infectious laugh.  I can't help myself when you just never know what's going to come out of the mouths of these TWO BLACK GUYS! I've known these gentlemen for almost half of my life.  Doing what I love with people that I can't get better than that.



Jacqueline Forbes - Production Manager


I admire the strength fortitude and flexibility of a tree...

There is a rush that I get from managing processes from the seed to the fruit. There is something to be said about taking an idea and making it real - to manage, grow and develop creative processes and projects.  It takes focus, direction and ability to move a process forward. From the beginning in production I found a home behind the stage or on the other side of the camera. 

Introduced to production and television through the broadcasting of iconic music projects like Live Aid and the legendary Apollo Theater, I found my passion.  Following my dreams with a combination of creative instinct and sharp production management skills, I went from NYC to LA producing for Kingworld VH1, BET and MTV.  I moved into the role of Executive Producer for Syndicated Programming and worked with top production minds such as Suzanne De Passe (a legend of music, film and television) and founded my own production company. Eventually I met my husband (Arlington) and we joined forces and created what has been a great production partnership. Together, our creative vision moved seamlessly from production into a new medium, CANVAS, our Boutique and Gallery in Malibu CA.  We learn valuable lessons each day about business, life and love in our two shops so, when the opportunity arose to join the TWO BLACK GUYS WITH GOOD CREDIT Team, it seemed like another natural progression, seeing that I was already married to one of the TWO BLACK GUYS. I feel pretty lucky that I get to sit at a table with friends that are like family, eager to share our talks about life and finance. As my friend Shaun always says, "let the numbers tell the story"! 



Matthew Smith - Producer


I am a producer who has been developing and creating a wide variety of content for over 20 years.  I've produced shows for several major television networks including NBC, MTV, BET, and ESPN.  My experience has been a mix of daily and weekly shows, music specials, award shows and documentaries, as well as reality, travel and cooking shows, and now with TWO BLACK GUYS WITH GOOD CREDIT, I'm adding podcast producer to my list of credits.

A native of California, I grew up in Los Angeles. I'm a sports junkie and a die hard fan of the greatest team in the history of mankind...that would obviously be the Los Angeles Lakers. My wife Stefani and I now live in Brooklyn, New York, and after living there for over 15 years, it has become our second home.