We offer customizable workshops tailored to fit the needs of kids and teachers in schools and after-school programs.

Our workshops:

Financially CLEAN offers fun, interactive 12-week workshops to middle school, high school, and college students on how to manage, grow and protect their money, based on the 5 key principles of C.L.E.A.N.:






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Since inception, we have taught over 150 classes and empowered over 3,500 students and young adults in the New York City area and in Canada.

Typical workshop structure & Info:

  • 12-week workshops to middle school, high school, and college students

  • 1-hour duration per workshop

  • Interactive and collaborative approach for a relevant student experience

  • Real life case studies, games, group discussions, guest speakers, and field trips

  • Instructors that come with professional and personal experience

  • Easy-to-follow student textbooks and other materials provided for free as part of course

  • We are a Department of Education Approved Vendor

our workshops are a perfect fit for:

  • School Classrooms

  • After School Programs

  • Mentorship Organizations

  • Youth Organizations

  • Day Camps

  • Sports Organizations

  • And other programs...

People at any age and all walks of life can benefit from a financial literacy program such as this. Our goal is to make it ACCESSIBLE and AFFORDABLE  so students, parents, emerging athletes can all learn to be more confident managing their money to create generational wealth and accomplish their dreams.


WATCH High School

This is a token of appreciation from our 2016 graduating class at WATCH High School. The poster was made by students with their financial goals inscribed. Shaun Lynda, CLEAN's Founder, is seen here with Annmarie Straker, our Keynote Speaker, VP at The Federal Reserve.

When I graduate high school and go off to college, I will make sure to not borrow a lot of loans, and if possible, no loans at all. I will start to look at scholarships so I won’t need to pay as much money. I will successfully graduate and become a businesswoman. I will maintain a good credit score, and all my bills will be paid on time. While I work my way up the firm, I will balance my needs and my wants. I want to own my own house, and in order to do that, I will save my money...I won’t care how the world sees me because I will have no shame in my game.
— Ashley Jeffers (CLEAN Graduate)
Shaun has had extensive financial experience in corporate America and applied his entrepreneurial talents to quickly establish one of the most innovative shipping companies in the city of Brooklyn. After being hired to work with his company in 2014, I quickly realized that his willingness to assist and advise his employees was only exceeded by his passion for providing excellent customer service.  Shaun has been a tremendous resource person and provided myself and other employees with invaluable career advice and financial guidance to help us achieve our goals.  Overall, I have to say that his knowledge, practical experience and great communication skills make Shaun an excellent mentor and coach for anyone who wants to further their own self-development.
— Charles Burton

What did you take away from the workshop?