Word on the Internet About "Two Black Guys With Good Credit" Podcast

One of the greatest things about putting out our Two Black Guys With Good Credit podcast is that it not only connects with an audience but that they find value in what we’re saying and in turn tell a friend who tells another who keep that domino effect going. The support we receive from our growing listenership has been amazing. 

When you catch wind that one of the listeners is another podcast highlighting an episode and recommends subscribing for more, you can’t help but smile a little wider.

The Podcast Discovery Show is a podcast about podcasts! The show’s hosts, Josh, Kirk, and Zach, discover and discuss new and amazing podcasts each week. Two Black Guys With Good Credit’s episode 24, Bitcoin - Bit by Bit, was featured as the guys got their digital currency groove on about all things crypto, bitcoin and blockchain. You can listen in to their episode here.

Our featured podcast this week is Two Black Guys with Good Credit - Bitcoin , bit by bit. The show is hosted by two long time financial experts who take ,sometimes complicated , financial principles and break them down so that anyone can understand them!
— The Podcast Discovery Show

Another shout out we received was from Square, makers of the Square Reader. If you’re not familiar with the device, the reader allows you to accept payments on your phone or tablet. Square included our podcast on the list of Top Podcast To Help Improve Your Finances.

Arlington Forbes and Shaun Lynda host Two Black Guys with Good Credit. It’s a hilarious show featuring discussions about making, managing, and protecting your money. Both are business owners, so their expertise is a bonus during these conversations.
— Square

And the love keeps flowing. Entrepreneur put us on their “The Best 48 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs”.

Co-hosts Shaun Lynda and Arlington Forbes put an entertaining spin on finance tips. One episode breaks down Jay Z’s album 4:44 and its references to wealth and investments, while others are more topic-based, covering money management apps, banking and life insurance. Both men are business owners and a third (female) host, Dionne Nicholls, frequently chimes in with stats and historical context. All in all, Two Black Guys With Good Credit dispels common myths and pessimistic attitudes toward being proactive with money in a casual way that builds trust.
— Entrepreneur.com

Black Wallet included Two Black Guys with Good Credit to their list of “Our Top 10 Favorite Financial Literacy Podcast’s Hosted by People of Color”.

From John D Saunders, “Financial literacy benefits everyone, especially millennials who are struggling with college debt and dealing with the gig economy.

Young people of color need proper guidance and sound advice on how to manage debt, save money, and make sound financial decisions.

Fortunately, there are several POC financial experts and entrepreneurs ready to share their wisdom with the world. Here’s a list of podcasts hosted by people of color.”

Two Black Guys with Good Credit is a lively and fun podcast by two Canadian black guys who have been living in the US for the past 20 years. The podcast has 45 episodes and is highly rated. They have monthly episodes that tackle topics like making money, managing finances, protecting money, and maintaining a good credit record.
— Black Wallet