Financially CLEAN Launches Free E-Book, The College Financial Playbook

Financially CLEAN will officially debut The College Financial Playbook, the first of its series of free E-books, at Walter Mosley's 5th Annual Youth Career Fair on Friday January 26th at the Shirley A. Chisolm State Office Building in Brooklyn, NY.

With student loan debt being the largest form of consumer debt outside of mortgages in this country, Financially CLEAN is launching this free E-book to help change that.

We are always looking for creative ways to reach youth beyond the classroom, beyond our borders. Our goal is to advance the opportunity for every child to be financially literate before the age of 18.

— Dionne Nicholls, Program Director


The College Financial Playbook is a quick, easy resource guide to help high school and college students win 'THE GAME' --to not only graduate but graduate with minimal debt. Because if you don't know the rules how can you play the game? --Shaun Lynda, Founder

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Financially CLEAN will be on hand again this year at the Walter T. Mosley Youth Job Fair to take personal finance questions from eager students looking to gain work experience and understand how to manage, grow and protect their hard-earned dollars. For those who cannot attend, you can download it here for FREE.

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January 26th

Hundreds of high school and college students attend Assemblymember Walter Mosley's Youth Job Fair every year, giving young people an opportunity to gain valuable summer experience, acquire skills and build their network. It is open to the public so it is certainly worth spreading the word.