Live Financially Clean: Free Workshop w/ Shaun Lynda

Shaun's at it again, people - sharing financial knowledge for the masses, in his informative and entertaining style that he's known for. You'll learn key financial disciplines to help reach life goals and create generational wealth.

The workshop kicks off at Flagship Microsoft Store NY on February 7th and continue every following Tuesday (and the occasional Wednesday) at Galvanize NYC until April 9th.

Each class will be building upon information from the previous. Therefore, your Weekly attendance is key to becoming financially literate.

What's on the agenda?

  • KICK-OFF February 7th: Introduction of the CLEAN program + how financial literacy applies to our personal goals

  • February 12th: Introduction to Credit & the factors that determines a credit score

  • February 20th (Wednesday): Discussing Managing Credit cards — Interests + Credit Reports

  • February 26th: Reviewing Credit — Understanding Debt to Asset Ratio + Credit Worthiness

  • March 5th: Discussing mortgages, real estate and bank loans

  • March 12th: Application to Real-Life scenarios — Interactive session (Role Play)

  • March 20th (Wednesday): Discussing the power of walking away —Wants vs Needs

  • March 26th: Discussing Investment Vehicles + Rule of 72

  • April 2nd: Discussing ways to leverage your Education

  • April 9th Discussing Personal Branding + Setting SMART Goals

Classes will be live-streamed, please sign-up to get access.
6:00 PM — 8:00 PM EST

Kick-off session @ Flagship Microsoft Store, 677 Fifth Avenue, NY.
Workshop sessions continue @ Galvanize NYC 303 Spring St, New York, NY 10013