What's in my ear?

What's playing in Mr Uncle Chris's ear? Apparently it's been Two Black Guys with Good Credit podcast. We're very appreciative of Chris including our podcast in his list of addictive listens. From Mr Uncle Chris himself ...


Written by Chris White, mrunclechris.com

Over the past few months, I have become more enthralled with podcasts. It has gotten to the point where I want to potentially start my own. I have been toying with the idea so stay tuned because it may just be on the horizon.

One thing I love about podcasts which may have less to do with the medium itself is the variety of content that is available to listeners. Honestly there is something for everyone. The fact that you can listen to them on your mobile device is an added convenience. Podcasts can be enjoyed during your commute to work, while working out or just chillin’ at the house. I would encourage you to dig into some podcasts that interest you.

When I first got hipped to podcasts, I thought they were only exclusive to Apple users. How selfish of me right? Come to find out, podcasts are also available via Spotify, or Google Play just to name a few. In no particular order, I wanted to share with you all some of the podcasts I have become addicted to recently.

(you can check out the rest of Chris’s list here but we’re selfishly going to just include the good stuff he said about us)

Two Black Guys with Good Credit

This is one of the first podcasts I started listening to last year. I have definitely referred it to other people because the hosts Derek (replaced Arlington), and Shaun discuss things we should all be striving for which is financial freedom. These guys and Dion (female co-host) guides financial curious and financially knowledgeable individuals through the do’s and don’ts as it relates to money and business. Their show takes a light and fun approach which I think is smart when tackling a serious topic. It’s super helpful and I have taken away some many things from listening to their podcast. Their show just makes you want to do better and be more responsible.


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