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Chipotle and Financially CLEAN Invite Brooklyn to Eat for Change Today

On Tuesday June 13th, Chipotle Mexican Grille in Brooklyn on Myrtle Ave is partnering with Financially CLEAN to make early financial education accessible to under resourced high school students. 50% of proceeds from sales today will go to fund programming --giving Taco Tuesday a whole new meaning. See complete details below.

Financially CLEAN has graduated close to 800 students in less than 2 years and with the help of organizations like Chipotle and the support of the community we hope to double that number next year.
— Shaun Lynda

Dionne Nicholls, Program Director for CLEAN sharing financial life lessons with the students of PATH High School.  

Financially CLEAN Early Financial Literacy Community Awareness Event! Nov 6th...Brooklyn Stand Up!

Family, Friends, Colleagues and those in the community that just believe it is important to teach financial literacy in the classroom, COME and JOIN us to spread the word and raise funds for the cause!  We know what happens when you bring positive, passionate people together for a good cause...CHANGE!

Click here to RSVP for FREE.

For this event, our goal is to get 500 signatures for our petition to see financial literacy become a permanent part of the school curriculum.  

We're looking for your help to:
canvas the neighborhood
ignite the conversation
distribute brochures
get signatures
recruit more volunteers for the next one!

OR just pass through to say hello!

There will be HOT CHOCOLATE and POPCORN for sale!  LIVE FINANCIALLY CLEAN wristbands available for just $2.00.  All proceeds will go to support early financial education.
RSVP early to receive your FREE Financially CLEAN T-shirt! *While supplies last.

Dress warm and wear comfortable shoes!
NYC Marathon is on that day so mass transit is recommended. We'll be located along the route so you can cheer on the runners too!
Bring friends, family, kids, your colleagues and let's not forget to have FUN!!

Financially CLEAN Salutes YouthBuild USA! Giving troubled youths a second chance by creating a strong foundation.

Financially CLEAN, a proud partner of YouthBuild USA in New York, would like to share this NBC Nightly News piece on the amazing work that they do around the country helping young people rebuild their lives and communities brick by brick.

Learn more about them here... NBC Nightly News YouthBuild Feature

YouthBuild Program Gives Troubled Youths a Second Chance      

James Mackey was part of a gang in Columbus, Ohio. But after losing one brother to gang violence and another to jail, he turned things around. "We are very proud of YouthBuild Lake County for representing all YouthBuild programs, and of YouthBuild Columbus alumnus James Mackey for showing the spirit of our graduates and the ways they are giving back to communities everywhere." says Maria Marrero, Case Management Community Coordinator at YouthBuild USA's New York chapter.