Chipotle and Financially CLEAN Invite Brooklyn to Eat for Change Today

On Tuesday June 13th, Chipotle Mexican Grille in Brooklyn on Myrtle Ave is partnering with Financially CLEAN to make early financial education accessible to under resourced high school students. 50% of proceeds from sales today will go to fund programming --giving Taco Tuesday a whole new meaning. See complete details below.

Financially CLEAN has graduated close to 800 students in less than 2 years and with the help of organizations like Chipotle and the support of the community we hope to double that number next year.
— Shaun Lynda

Dionne Nicholls, Program Director for CLEAN sharing financial life lessons with the students of PATH High School.  

Blazing a trail...

I had a little moment which turned into a big moment for me. Here I am on set (stay tuned!) with Carol Channing, one of the original writers for Sesame Street, the creator of Oscar the Grouch. Her husband wrote the beloved show's theme song. As I shook her hand I got a little emotional, just a bit overwhelmed, first because Sesame Street was such a big part of my childhood and secondly, because as she shared her anecdotal stories and advice as a pioneer in making education fun, it only further fuelled my fire as we try to create a movement to make learning financial education fun.  A very humbling and inspiring experience.

Financially CLEAN launch is right on time with CFPB's recent efforts to bring financial education to the classroom.

We believe there an NO coincidences, that timing is everything AND that EVERYTHING happens for a reason.  Only days after our launch, the Consumer Financial Protection Board (CFPB) released its report, whose findings show that the earlier students learn about financial education, starting as early as kindergarten through twelfth grade, the higher their savings and net worth tend to be later in their adult life.  Read Ashlee Kieler's brilliant article in the Consumerist to learn more.